The unique properties of Rytvela target inflammation which is the root cause of PTB

Inflammation, microbial, viral or sterile, is the precursor to preterm birth. By modulating inflammation through allosteric inhibition of the interleukin (IL)-1 receptor without shutting down innate immunity mediated by NF-kB, rytvela has promise to extend at-risk pregnancies thereby improving health for mothers and their newborns.

Rytvela disrupts acceleration of birth cascade without affecting innate immunity

Rytvela is a first-in-class IL-1 receptor peptide antagonist in preclinical development. Acting upstream of standard of care PTB treatments such as tocolytics, rytvela interrupts acceleration of the birth cascade while reducing mediators implicated in fetal inflammatory injury. Since the NF-kB signaling pathways are preserved, innate immunity is maintained. (Nadeau-Vallée M et al, J Immunol, 2015)

Rytvela disrupts acceleration of the birth cascade that cause preterm birth

Rytvela is effective in models of microbial and sterile inflammation

Maternica has evaluated rytvela in animal models designed to reflect both microbial and sterile inflammation. Regardless of how inflammation was induced, rytvela was significantly effective in reducing premature births. (include primary author as reference and link to publications section)

Rytvela: 1mg/kg/12h (s.c)

Rytvela: 1mg/kg/12h (s.c)

Rytvela: 1mg/kg/12h (s.c)